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Region 7: Life Science and Earth Science

Jan. 11, 2019 8:30am to 3:30pm


Life Science

• Recognize key concepts of life science.
• Identify the teacher’s role in facilitating these key concepts.
• Examine nature outside and inside.
• Plan how we can apply this information to an activity already planned in our classroom.
• Discuss multiple resources to apply in the classroom.

Earth Science

• Interact with earth materials.
• Read the Earth Sciences strand from the California Preschool Learning Foundations (PLF, Vol. 3).
• Connect the PLF reading to strategies from the Earth Sciences strand of the California Preschool Curriculum Framework (PCF, Vol. 3)
• Identify strategies specifically supportive to dual language learners in the earth sciences.
• Practice utilizing UDL strategies to enhance opportunities to support all children in the earth sciences.
• Plan an activity to apply all ideas from the day with engaging family strategies.

1320 North Mariposa
Fresno, CA
Cristina Corchado