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Core Curriculum

The California Core Curriculum is a series of self-paced, online courses available to teachers, leaders, administrators, and coaches to enhance knowledge of the preschool learning foundations and curriculum framework. The courses are designed for individuals who have demonstrated a base-level knowledge of the foundations and framework. In-depth coursework provides information and experiences that enable early childhood educators (ECE) and transitional kindergarten (TK) teachers, leaders, administrators, coaches, and professional learning specialists to seamlessly implement resources available to the early childhood workforce.

Discover how the preschool learning foundations and curriculum framework are based in research and connect to all other evidenced-based resources including curriculum, assessment, and other teacher tools. The Core Curriculum series

  • Is self-paced and offered over a 14-16-week time span
  • Offers up to 60 professional learning hours through the CA Workforce Registry   
  • Offers up to four academic units per series from Cal State University Channel Islands for an additional fee
  • Includes online readings, videos, group discussions, assignments and reflections
  • Is self-paced and facilitated by an early childhood education instructor

Schedule for 2022-2023*

Series 1─ (April 18-August 19, 2022 for summer credit or August 20-December 20, 2022 for fall credit)
• Social and Emotional Development: Inclusion Works, Powerful Role of Play, and Building Resiliency through Play
• Language and Literacy Development: Integrated Nature of Learning
• Mathematics
• Physical Development
Cost $800

Series 2─(July 1-December 20, 2022 for fall credit)
• Visual and Performing Arts
• History/Social Science: Family Partnerships and Culture and Responsive Early Education for Young Children and Families Experiencing Homelessness
• Health: Trauma Informed Care
• Science: Integrated STEM in Early Childhood
Cost $800

Series 3─ (June 27-August 19, 2022 for summer credit or August 17-December 20, 2022 for fall credit)
• English Language Development
• Multilingual Learners 
Cost $200

Register for the course(s) and send payment here.

Register for academic credit and pay additional fee to CSUCI:

Optional introductory modules are available for free on California Early Childhood Online (CECO).

* Each series is asynchronous, and participants may begin a series at any time during the window it is offered. Participants are eligible for academic units at the end of each series for that semester.