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Admin/Coach Resources

CPIN has multiple resources designed for administrators, directors, and teachers to use to support staff development. The resources on this page may be used in a variety of ways to support professional learning. 

Professional Learning Modules for Your Staff and Colleagues

Foundations and Framework Information 

View overview presentations for each volume (1, 2, and 3), including PowerPoints, handouts, and activity plans for the trainer— Preschool Learning Foundations and Frameworks.

Advanced Foundations and Framework Modules

For more advanced learning on the foundations and framework, identify a training module from the CPIN Module List and contact your local CPIN Regional Lead to request training or visit the Training Calendar to find a scheduled training in your area.

Supporting Inclusion Modules

All of the CPIN modules include information for all of California's children. There are some specific modules that are uniquely designed to focus on supporting inclusion and inclusive practices. For more information, contact your local CPIN Regional Lead to request: Talking with Parents about Concerns, Inclusion Works!, Literacy for All, or PEL Guide Chapter 7 extended version. 

Resources to Support Connections to the Early Learning System

The resources below identify and explore the connection between the Early Learning and Development System components: