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CPIN: Preschool English Learner Guide (3-Part)

January 22, 2024 6:00pm to February 5, 2024 8:00pm


During this 3-part virtual training, early childhood educators will explore and dive deep into the chapters of the Preschool English Learners: Principles and Practices to Promote Language, Literacy, and Learning Resource Guide from the California Department of Education (Chapters 1-8). Current research about preschool English learners provides relevant information about how children develop English as a second language and how they acquire language skills. Participants will engage in in-depth discussions about the immigrant experience, the components of language, code switching, and how to support dual language learners with disabilities or other special needs.  


Participants will: 

Recognize that preschool English learners bring an array of language skills, cognitive abilities, family resources, and life experiences that can serve as the foundation from which to begin their journey toward academic English mastery.

Learn research-based strategies to support children through the different paths of bilingualism and stages of second language acquisition.

Explore ways to plan early learning and development experiences for the classroom environment and create or maintain practices that guide staff in supporting English language development for dual language learners.

Location Name: 
Professional Learning Team