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Inclusion Opportunities

The CPIN modules include information for all of California's children. There are some specific modules that are uniquely designed to focus on supporting inclusion and inclusive practices. For more information, contact your local CPIN Regional Lead to request: Talking with Parents about Concerns, Inclusion Works!, Literacy for All, or PEL Guide Chapter 7 extended version. Explore the resources below to support your own inclusive practices and request deeper training for your CPIN Leads.

Inclusion Works!

In this 3-hour professional learning experience, participants:

  • Define inclusive practice, describes collaboration, and share practical strategies.
  • Discuss the intended use in child care settings for children birth through age 12 years.
  • Review resources included in appendices as well as web links on the MAP to Inclusion and Belonging website.

    Talking with Parents About Concerns

    This 3-hour module provides a framework for caregivers when they have concerns that a child in their care might have a developmental delay, disability, or significant behavior problem. Participants will discuss how to share concerns with a child’s parents or family members (anyone raising the child) and understand different ways family members will receive and act on the expressed concern.

    Literacy for All 

    In this 3-hour professional learning experience, participants:

    • Discuss the idea of literacy for all and the law that supports literacy for all.
    • Identify how California’s preschool resources embody literacy for all children.
    • Practice strategies to support literacy for all students.