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Preschool Learning Foundations and Curriculum Framework, Volume 2

Volume 2 Overview PowerPoint - 2 hr session (updated 3/15/18) PPT 
Volume 2 Overview PowerPoint - 30 min session (updated 3/15/18) PPT

Support Materials
Trainer's Agenda (revised 11/17/11) DOC

Activity 1--What Does it Look Like (slide 15)

  • Overarching Principle Cards DOC
  • Photo cards Visual and Performing Arts
  • Photo cards Physical Development
  • Photo cards Heath
    Note on downloading photos. When you follow the link, you will go to a "directory" listing each photo. Click on and download each individual photo on the lists.

Strategies Worksheet (slides 23, 27, 28, 30) (revised 11/17/11) DOC
Domains, Strands, and Substrands handout (slide 24) DOC
Changes in Volume 2 (optional handout) (revised 11/17/11) DOC