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Preschool Learning Foundations and Frameworks

Update to the Preschool Transitional Kindergarten Learning Foundations (Coming this Summer!)

The California Department of Education (CDE), Early Education Division (EED) shared a pre-recorded webinar of the high-level updates to the Preschool Transitional Kindergarten Learning Foundations, which are California’s early learning standards for children ages three to five and a half in center-based preschool, home-based preschool, and Transitional Kindergarten settings. The revised Foundations will be posted on the CDE website in summer 2024. For any questions, reach out to


California Preschool Learning Foundations

The California Preschool Learning Foundations describe competencies—knowledge and skills—that most children can be expected to exhibit in a high-quality program before entering kindergarten. As companion volumes to the foundations, the California Preschool Curriculum Frameworks present strategies for early childhood educators that enrich learning and development opportunities for all California preschool children. Find information on each of the learning domains from the foundations and frameworks below.

overview presentations

Social-Emotional Development Domainsocial emotional development Language and Literacy Domainlanguage and literacy English Language Development (ELD) DomainEnglish language development

Mathematics Domain

Visual and Performing Arts Domainvisual and performing arts Physical Development Domainphysical development
Health Domainhealth
Science Domainscience History-Social Sciences Domainhistory social science Resources in Spanishplf and pcf books

The Alignment of the California Preschool Learning Foundations with Key Early Education Resources: the California Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations, the California Content Standards, and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework: Ages Birth to Five, Second Edition

The Alignment of the California Preschool Learning Foundations with Key Early Education Resources