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Region 11 Language and Literacy: Phonological Awareness

September 16, 2023 9:00am to 11:30am

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In this interactive session, participants will:

Observe, read about, and discuss the developmental continuum for the Phonological Awareness substrand.
Discuss current research underlying the developmentally appropriate strategies that support the development of the Phonological Awareness substrand.
Practice using resources to plan environments, interactions, and strategies that support the development of the Phonological Awareness substrand.
Please read through this before enrolling:
Workforce Registry Information: To receive professional development hours, participants will need to have a Workforce Registry (WFR) 9-digit ID number (100-xxx-xxx). Participants can access the Workforce Registry website to obtain their ID number. If you do not have a WFR account, please visit for instructions on how to create one.
Participation certificates are no longer issued.

Attendance Requirements: Participants must attend the full session in order to receive full credit (both days if a two-day training). You may arrive late or leave early; however, if the time requirement is not met, credit will not be given for the training.  Attendance is monitored before, during and at the end of the session. This being a live session, you are expected to fully participate throughout the session and breakouts, including turning on your camera when prompted to do so by the instructor and/or facilitator. You are asked to use a laptop or desktop computer with video/audio capabilities for a better learning experience. Please ensure you are at a location where you can safely and attentively participate for the entire training.
Contact our office if you have any questions.

Confirmed participants will receive a separate email, 2-3 business days before the training, with the documents and link. Should you not receive this message, kindly contact our office at least 1 day before the training so you have time to review the information and complete any assignments as noted on the agenda.

Location Name: 
Kristine Laparra