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Region 9-The Powerful Role Of Play In Education

Feb. 2, 2022 5:30pm to 7:30pm

This California Preschool Instructional Network workshop provides participants with an understanding that  play and learning should be seamless for preschool children. Play is at the heart of young children’s explorations and their engagement in learning experiences. This workshop will provide participants with opportunities to learn strategies to incorporate learning through play.

Participants will:

  • Experience the benefits and debunk common myths about play and learning
  • Consider planning opportunities for individualization and scaffolding within the reflective planning cycle

Level: Introductory
Audience: Teaching/Administrator/Leadership Staff
Age Range: Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten

This training has been developed to support learning through active engagement. To receive credit for attendance, please note it will be expected of you to participate in any of the following that may take place throughout the training: breakout rooms, chat box responses, polls, and verbal discussions. Though camera access is not required, we highly encourage you to utilize your camera, if possible. Please do not attempt to participate in a Zoom meeting while driving. We trust that you will take necessary breaks if needed but count on your participation to enrich the learning environment.

Workforce Registry Information: To receive professional development hours, participants will be required to have their CA ECE Workforce Registry number. This 9-digit number beginning with 100-xxx-xxx is required for registering for any of our SDQPI learning events. Participants can access the Workforce Registry website to obtain their ID number. This one-time step must be completed prior to your first professional development event. Please visit for details.

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Virtual Workshop
Kelly Slocum