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Region 9 - Science-Life Science

Nov. 5, 2022 8:30am to 10:30am

This California Preschool Instructional Network workshop explains how during the preschool years, children grow in their understanding of the living world around them. The preschool setting is a place where children explore and discover living things and the systems that support their survival. Join us for an exciting experience in expanding children’s understanding of life science key concepts and developing children’s attitudes, skills, and the language of scientific inquiry. 

Participants will:

Gain a deeper understanding of the Life Science strand within the California Preschool Foundations and Curriculum Frameworks Vol. 3, to inform planning for individual children within the indoor and outdoor learning environment. 
Learn about the teacher’s role in facilitating and applying the Key Concepts of Life Science using a Universal Design of Learning to support all children’s active participation in learning opportunities using easily adaptable materials, strategies, and techniques.
Engage in discussions that focus on understanding children’s cultural beliefs and values in the community related to their life science experiences.
Level: Introductory
Audience: Teaching/Administrator/Leadership Staff
Age Range:  Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten

This training has been developed to support learning through active engagement. To receive credit for attendance, please note it will be expected of you to participate in any of the following that may take place throughout the training: breakout rooms, chat box responses, polls, and verbal discussions. Though camera access is not required, we highly encourage you to utilize your camera, if possible. Please do not attempt to participate in a Zoom meeting while driving. We trust that you will take necessary breaks if needed but count on your participation to enrich the learning environment.

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We are no longer providing attendance certificates to show proof of completion for any of our trainings. Professional development attendance hours will be directly entered into the California Workforce Registry (WFR). You can check your attendance in the WFR two weeks after the event, where you can download a copy of your training report for your records.

Location Name: 
Virtual Workshop
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