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Preschool Learning Foundations and Frameworks, Volume 1 Overview

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Preschool Learning Foundations and Framework, Volume 1 Overview PPT

Support Materials
Trainer's Agenda--Provides the timing of each presentation section, materials used in each activity, and brief description of activity  DOC

All Domains and Strands Handout DOC
Bumper Sticker Prompts--The first pages are an "for your info only" summary of the prompts. Please print out the "framed" pages and give one to each table or group for this activity. DOC
Foundations Maps- Four pages, one set for each participant.; Social emotional copy on pink, Language and Literacy - yellow, English-Language Development - blue, Mathematics - green; Place maps in this specific order.  PDF
Foundations Treasure Hunt--On this sheet, one team creates questions while the other team answers those questions directly on the same page.  PDF
Foundations Treasure Hunt Answer Key--The team creating questions records their answers on this page, folds it and seals it up.  PDF 
Frequently Asked Questions DOC
Icebreaker: What do we want for children?--Table activity; one per table or group  PDF
KLT Reflection--This is a handout/activity; one per participant  DOC
Modified Venn Diagram--Table activity; however each participant gets a copy or future reference  DOC