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Language and Literacy Foundation

Preschool Learning Foundations
California Preschool Learning Foundations, Volume 1, Language & Literacy Chapter
Language and Literacy Foundation Map PDF
Language and Literacy Strand and Substrand chart PDF

Preschool Curriculum Framework
California Preschool Curriculum Framework, Volume 1, Language & Literacy Chapter

Researcher Video Presentations
Language & Literacy Development

Tool Box Harvest
Building Vocabulary--English
Building Vocabulary--Spanish
CELL Sing and Sign
Communication Section Integration Checklist
Daily Rituals with Families
How Can You Create a Learning Environment That Supports Diversity?
Message in a Back Pack: Home Sorting Ideas
Message in a Back Pack: What’s New at the Library
Reading Rockets Adventure Pack Gardening
Reading Rockets Adventure Pack Gardening--Spanish
Reading Rockets Adventure Pack Hungry Caterpillar
Reading Rockets Adventure Pack Hungry Caterpillar--Spanish
Reading Tips for Parents--English
Reading Tips for Parents--Spanish
Repeated Interactive Read-Alouds
Reading Rockets: Literacy-Rich Environments
Story Stem Tip Sheet
Talking Counts--English
Talking Counts--Spanish
Toolbox Addition v2 (October 2017)
Trainer Manual Robots
Trainer Manual Robots--Spanish
Using Words to Teach Words
Using Words to Teach Words--Spanish

Other Resources

  • Center for Early Literacy Learning (videos) CELL videos are designed for the teacher, parent, trainer, coach and home visitor. Each video introduces and illustrates a key component of the CELL Early Literacy Learning Model. The home visitor may use a video to introduce and illustrate a component with a parent. The trainer may use a video to introduce, illustrate or practice a component with teachers.
  • CONNECT: The Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge-Activity 6.6a: Evaluate dialogic reading practices In this activity, learners watch four videos of a teacher conducting a read aloud and check off the dialogic reading practices they observe.