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Literacy for all

Literacy for All 

Literacy For All PPT;5.3MB
   Virtual Literacy For All PPT 
   Virtual Literacy for All Trainer Agenda DOC

Drop In Slides for Inclusion Works! May also be used in this raining. 

Providing Literacy for All DOC;110KB
Reflection DOC;98KB

Virtual HO PowerPoint Literacy for All PDF
Virtual HO Providing LIteracy for All DOC
Virtual HO Guiding Principles, PCF, Vol 1, pp. 100-103 PDF
Virtual HO Summary of Strands and Substrands, PCF, Vol 1, p. 109 PDF

Support Materials
Early Childhood Inclusion - A Joint Position Statement of the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) and the National Association forthe Education of Young Children (NAEYC) April 2009 PDF
A Literacy Bill of Rights DOC

1. What do you wish for? - Thinking about literacy in a larger context DOC;758KB
2. Effective Scaffolding - Utilizing resources to scaffold teaching material, in order to provide literacy for all DOC;758KB
3. Reflection - Guide reflection for participants DOC;758KB

Virtual Activity 1 Reflection DOC
Virtual Activity 2 What do you wish for? DOC
Virtual Activity 3 Reflection on Joint Position Statement DOC
Virtual Activity 4 - Reflect and Adapt DOC
Virtual Activity 5 - Embedded Intervention DOC

Center for Early Literacy Learning (CELL) Resources
SEEDS Workgroup on Early Education Technology (SWEET) Assistive Technology Toolkit